Last updated: October 23, 2018

This page contains information about how to access and implement the aMNLFA (Automated Moderated Nonlinear Factor Analysis) R package described by Gottfredson, N.C., Cole, V.T., Giordano, M., Bauer, D.J., Hussong, A.M., & Ennett, S.T. (in press). Simplifying the implementation of modern scale scoring methods with an automated R package: Automated Moderated Nonlinear Factor Analysis (aMNLFA). Addictive Behaviors.

The aMNLFA package and documentation are available through R’s CRAN respository here.

If you have not already installed R on your computer, you can download it here: . Alternatively, you can download R Studio, which is slightly more user-friendly, here: .

You can view text-based instructions for formatting data and implementing aMNLFA by  accessing the Online Appendix.  Alternatively, you can watch our YouTube video for a step-by-step demonstration by clicking here. Here is the illustrative code used in the video.

The package citation is as follows: Cole, V.T., Gottfredson, N.C., Giordano, M., & Janssen, T. (2018). Automated fitting of moderated nonlinear factor analysis (MNLFA) through the Mplus program. R package version 1.0.